Institute Welcomes Visiting Scholar, Dr. Sile O'Modhrain

"The thing that never ceases to amaze me about SKERI is the range of activities one can engage in here as a blind researcher. I have worked with Josh Miele on developing projects for the Blind Arduino group, with Val Morash on looking at basic percepts in haptics, and I have built an audio continuity tester with Bill Gerrey. And now Josh and I are working with a full-page tactile array to develop methods for creating an entirely new form of content for blind users."

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Photo of Sile O'Modhrain

Participate in a Study

Smith-Kettlewell's research depends on the participation of patients and healthy volunteers of all ages. 

Financial compensation is available.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and would like to learn more about a project or find out if you are eligible to participate, please contact us at

415-345-2062 or email participate@ski.org

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Subject participating in an eyetracking experiment


Our mission is to create a unique environment for research on human vision -- basic scientific research to increase the understanding of normal vision in support of vision disorders, clinical research to develop new diagnostic procedures and treatments for visual and other sensory disorders, and engineering research to produce better techniques for aid and rehabilitation of the blind and partially sighted.